Девіз ротаріанського 2012-2013 року

«Мир через Служіння»

Thank you for being ready to make charity donations!


We are happy that you have visited our web-page. That means that you are interested in helping other people who got in trouble. You understand that you don't have to be rich and make millions of dollars to change somebody else's life in a positive way. If you want to help children or adults, you can make your charity fee to the current account of Kirovograd Rotary Club. We will thoroughly trace for the money and make sure that every cent of your money will go to people who really need it. You can make a charity donation with a help of bank transfer.

Account for receiving charity donations from individuals and legal entities.(In Dollars / Euros)
Full name: Rotary Club
Account number - 26003000169271
Beneficiaries Bank: PuJSC SEB BANK, Kiev, Ukraine
Correspondent bank: The Bank of New York, USA
BIC:IRVTUS3N acc. 890-0061-448
Details of payment: Irreversible charity help / offering for activities of Rotary Club.

All the collected donations will be send for the projects of help for orphans , projects for improving health care for kids from Kirovograd's region , ecological projects for improving our environment . Also you can individually get some food , toys , clothes for kids from orphanages . For your comfort ability we made some advices for " Starting Philanthropist".

What can we give to orphanages? Of course we want to change children's life in a positive way: give them some teddy bears, and bunnies, sweet candies, pretty clothes, fruits and juices.... But the most of the orphanages will not be able to receive such kinds of presents , because it might be the first and the last time when children see such kind of donations . And then it would be hard for them to get used to the life without those privileges. We have some recommendations for you.

The Most Needful: Most of orphanages need only the most necessary stuff. Orphanages where the age group of children is 0-4 one of the most necessaries elements are diapers. Also be careful while choosing fruits especially in winter ( the budget lets orphanages buy only apples) . Don't buy exotic fruits, those might cause an allergy. You can bring candies (but not chocolate) and cookies. Some orphanages would be happy to receive milk shakes for kids. Please, pay attention on the shelf life of the product and make sure that it has a certificate of good quality.

Toys: It is better to give kids toys which will give them opportunity not only to play but improve themselves logically. It is not recommended to bring heavy , sharp toys , because as usual there are only one or two educators for the group of 10-12 children , it is impossible to watch that many kids at the same time.

Clothing: If you want to give some clothes to the orphanage, it is better to choose something that will not need hand washing and will not be damaged while washing in public washing places.

Health Care: Almost all the orphanages are looking for the sponsors who will pay children's traveling to some places. Keep on your mind that you also would have to pay a trip for an educator of a kid .

Money Control: We recommend you to keep all the receipts wich show your charity donations . It will decrease corruption to minimum and opportunity of using of money in incorrect way .

Main needs of the orphanages:

  • Tableware (cups , spoons , plates)
  • Hygiene
  • Toys and Playgrounds
  • Pillows , Winter Covers , Bedclothes
  • Shoes , Sliders , Napkins , Tights
  • Tables and Chairs for kids , high-chairs
  • Pram strollers
  • Children's health care ( paying for camp trips )
  • Building materials which will help to repair the building of the orphanage.
  • Plastic windows and doors

Other needs (needed always):

  • Hygiene
  • Fruits(especially in winter)
  • Washing-Powder

Usually orphanages do NOT receive:

  • vitamins and medicine
  • stuffed toys and chocolate
  • milkshakes for kids , which contains lactobacilli
  • Products which are expired

Thank you for being ready to help kids from Kirovograd by providing them with charity donation. We will make sure that all the money you have sent, will be received by people who really need it. Together we will make the world better and more kind, and the community service for is more important then private interests!