Девіз ротаріанського 2012-2013 року

«Мир через Служіння»

Rotary in the world


Rotary International Movement (Rotary International) or abbreviated Rotary (Rotary) is world non-political social organization of the business world and intellectuals, united by the idea of public service under the motto "Service above Self".

The system of Rotary International (RI) consists of Rotary clubs, which include people with excellent business and professional reputation and leaders in different fields of activity. "Every Rotarian is a bridge between the ideals of Rotary and their profession" (Paul Harris, founder of Rotary). Each Rotary club is working independently, being guided in its work with rules of the RI Constitution, which provides rotation of leadership at all levels - from the president to governors and presidents of clubs, districts, allowing the organization to avoid stagnation and to remain dynamic.

All work is carried out on Rotary volunteers. To date, Rotary International is the world's largest charitable organization, which has 1,200,000 members, 33,000 clubs, 528 districts in 166 countries.

The objectives of Rotary movement are:

  • providing humanitarian services;
  • maintaining high ethical standards in all kinds of professional activity;
  • implementation of the ideals of service in personal life, professional and social sphere;
  • dissemination of ideas of good will, assistance in securing world peace and understanding between peoples.

Rotary conducts its work through Rotary Foundation, which annually allocates about 90 $ million for programs those improve the lives of millions of people - programs to overcome hunger, illiteracy, and ensuring drinking water.

Rotary implements following programs of international humanitarian, educational and cultural exchanges as "Goodwill Ambassadors", "Scholarships for university teachers to work in developing countries", "Health, hunger and humanity," "PolioPlus", "The collective study exchanges," Peace Program and provides grants to Rotary volunteers (more information about the programs is on the website of Rotary: www.rotary.org).

Rotary International has a high international reputation, working closely with organizations such as UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Health Organization.

The first Rotary club was founded in Chicago (Illinois) in 1905. Rotary movement in the territory of modern Ukraine also has a long history: The first Rotary clubs appeared in Uzhgorod (1929), Lviv (1935). After World War II and the communist regime of the West-Ukrainian clubs ceased to operate. Only in 1991 after acquiring the status of Ukraine's independence, Rotary Club was founded in Kiev. Teams from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus have become a part of District 2230.

Rotary Іnternatіonal — Official Website:  http://www.rotary.org

District 2230 — Official Website:  http://www.rotary.org.pl/